Poem for Santa's Magic Key (Does Not Include Key)

Poem for Santa's Magic Key (Does Not Include Key)
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Wonderful Poem perfect for preserving the magic of Christmas. Included is a 12 inch white ribbon to attach your key to this delightful poem that explains how Santa delivers Christmas to homes without a fireplace. A must have for small children who believe in the Magic of Santa Claus. The Poem is printed on 3 inch by 2 inch cardstock and includes a 12 inch white ribbon for you to attach a key that is either no longer useful or one from a craft store. Key is not included.

Santa's Magic Key Poem
Dear Santa, we have no chimney
as you can plainly see,
And I was terribly worried
that you would pass over me.

We hung this very special key
right by the door.
Then Mom told me to jump into bed;
and not to worry anymore.

Your magic will make this key fit,
to open our door.
So you can come in tonight
and tip-toe across the floor.